Relieve Your Back Pain in 15 Minutes From Home

Relieve Your Back Pain in 15 Minutes From Home

30,000+ people agree: This is the smart way to stop back pain


Instant pain relief: Just one 15 minute session makes you feel better for the entire day. Repeated use improves your overall health and mood over time.

Works with your body: It’s totally adjustable so you can use it on any body shape or size. You don’t need any other equipment - just a place to sit.

Improves energy levels: The increased circulation helps feed your brain and keeps you alert, focused, relaxed, and overall happier.

Save money: You won’t need to spend money on special chairs, equipment, massages, chiropractors, or physiotherapy to fix your back problems.

Fits with your lifestyle: Because it’s so light and portable and you don’t need any extra pieces, you can take it anywhere and use it at any time. That includes travel, at home, and in the office. You can turn any seat into an ergonomic chair.

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Start with your feet flat on the floor. Wrap the back pad around your lower back. Hook the straps over your knees, so the pad sits just under the rotator cuff.

Adjust the leg straps by pulling gently until they’re firm. Be sure to sit up straight as you tighten the straps, so your spine is set in perfect posture.

For an optional adjustment, slide the left strap into the center clip, and pull it towards your body. This helps keep your legs together - and it feels amazing!

This Simple Device Relieves Chronic Back Pain From Anywhere

If you work on a computer, like so many of us do now, you’re spending 8-10 hours every day hunched over. Your back spends most of its time in a slumped, unnatural position.

You’re likely feeling a lot of pain in your upper back and shoulders. Or a stiffness in your neck that makes it painful to turn your head. Or your lower back aches and throbs all day long.

You might not be able to afford to get massages every day or go to expensive physiotherapy appointments for relief. You end up tolerating the aches and pains all day long.

The Neurontinec relieves all of your back pain instantly. In just 15 minutes a day from anywhere you sit down, you can eliminate back pain and feel better than you’ve felt in years.


Supports From The Pelvis
Unlike other back supports, the Neurontinec supports your back by stabilizing your pelvis at the base. The result is that you don’t put dangerous pressure on your vulnerable lumbar spine.

Trains your back to stay straight
After repeated use, the muscles in your back will get stronger and develop memory. You’ll sit, stand, and walk straight without thinking about it.

Folds Into a Neat Pocket
The Neurontinec is light, portable, and great for travel. It folds into a small pocket that doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. You can take it anywhere!

Turns Any Seat Into An Ergonomic Chair
Simply strap on the device anywhere you can sit down to get relief. You’ll feel amazing when you sit for long periods of time like on airplanes, working, or playing games at the computer.


30,000+ purchased, and they all love it!


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Average Rating







Average Rating

Janet H. - Hawaii

“Great product. Customer service is very helpful. Came fast, everything was as described. Highly recommend.”

Jerry P. - Maine

“What I noticed right away is that the device is really comfortable. The straps stay firm and doesn’t poke on the knees like I thought it would. Honestly, you don’t even realize it’s there.”

Alex O. - California

“Everyone comments about how much more confidence I have. I have a lot more energy and the pain has gone away completely. It’s worth every penny.”

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Why Neurontinec?


Healthier support
The Neurontinec Straightens your spine by stabilizing your pelvis, NOT by straining the lumbar spine directly, which is the most vulnerable part of your back.

Strengthens your back over time
It trains your back to stay straight even when you’re not wearing the device. You automatically stand up taller, sit up straighter, and walk more comfortably.

Improves overall health
It creates space between your vertebrae which reduces nerve damage and increases circulation. That improves your focus, energy, and overall mood and happiness.

Corrects bad posture
Good posture contributes directly to fewer headaches, relaxed muscles, and increased confidence. People are naturally drawn to those with good posture.

Lightweight and portable
Folds into a small pouch so you can relieve your back pain anywhere you go like work, your table at home, airplanes, or anywhere else with a seat.

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Get Instant Back Pain Relief And Feel Amazing Every Day

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely thrilled with your Neurontinec - we are offering you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a refund or replacement, less S & H.

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